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9th of August 2007 (Thu), 17:05
I was at Thruxton for a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoon for the BTCC Support practice. I saw some Porsche Carrera Cup, Renault Clio Cup and SEAT Leon Cupra Cup. Formula Renault were also there but I missed their sessions. Seems as though there was typical Clio chaos out the back of the circuit!

Bright sunshine, nice day. Chicane is always nice to shoot when the sun isn't right in your face (like it usually is in the mornings).

Anyway here's a couple of compressed "forum friendly sized" photos...

#1 Tidy Porsche...
http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/forums/BTCC_Support_Testing_Thruxton_080807_AE_4477_Small .jpg

#2 Clio's weren't hanging around...
http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/forums/BTCC_Support_Testing_Thruxton_080807_AE_4624_Small .jpg

#3 Oops what's happened here then...
http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/forums/BTCC_Support_Testing_Thruxton_080807_AE_8180_Small .jpg

#4 Ahhh...
http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/forums/BTCC_Support_Testing_Thruxton_080807_AE_8186_Small .jpg

#5 Nope, don't think that'll polish out...
http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/forums/BTCC_Support_Testing_Thruxton_080807_AE_8189_Small .jpg

#6 Aggressive looking new SEAT mounts the kerb...
http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/forums/BTCC_Support_Testing_Thruxton_080807_AE_8279_Small .jpg

If you would like you can view more and larger versions here - http://www.ae-photography.co.uk/080807.html

Be patient the gallery may take a few seconds to load.

Comments welcome as always.

Cheers! :cool:

9th of August 2007 (Thu), 18:10
Nice shots Az.
Looks like it turned into a very expensive test day for some of the Clios!

10th of August 2007 (Fri), 06:18
Great set, colour good focus good and better still no fancy angle shots.

11th of August 2007 (Sat), 04:19
Carnage at Thruxton? There's a surprise! Nice work, Az.

11th of August 2007 (Sat), 14:01
There are only 3 certainties in life. Death, Taxes and carnage in the Renault Clio Cup :D

Nice work Az, the Prker is lovely.

11th of August 2007 (Sat), 18:35
pic 3 - i knew that Clio's were weak - but the strength of that chaps right foot must be immense - look at the damage he has cause just by sticking out a foot.