View Full Version : S330 - V. Long shutter delay with flash???

29th of June 2002 (Sat), 00:06
I've had my s330 for about 2 months, but indoors and especially under low light conditions, there's about 10+ second delay. I think the flash may be charging when you hold the shutter down. It just doesn't seem normal, you miss alot of shots waiting for the flash/exposure light to come on. It's also very erratic; sometimes no lag, sometimes long (15 sec lag). When the flash is manually turned off this delay disappears. No one ever seems to mention this issue in the reviews. I called support, the guy told me it may take some time for metering under low light. It's very frustrating when you're pressing the shutter and saying "cheese" and nothing happens for 10+ seconds. Has anyone had similar experiences, I think my unit may be defective? Any suggestions?


30th of June 2002 (Sun), 09:45
Don't have an answer for you, but can confirm that I experience the exact same thing - mostly indoors in low light conditions. I would agree that the camera takes longer to adjust to these conditions. Frustrating nonetheless...


30th of June 2002 (Sun), 17:47
Thanks DG,

I spoke with another canon customer service rep, he stated that this delay was the "flash charging time."

I guess it's just one of those things I'll have to deal with.