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13th of August 2007 (Mon), 10:09
On Aug 6, I had a short day. The FOB contracted for 4 hours. I told him that, based on the projected schedule of events that this was not enough time, but also told him that if we needed to add some time to the end of the day - well, no worries. Turned out that I was right, the 4-hour contract turned into 5 hours. Got final payment today so I uploaded the images and all is good.

1. Don't know what to say about this one ... except I cut the top off the flower!

2. There's something going on in this image that I can't quite put my finger on. I applied a vignette, darkened and blurred around the edges a bit. But it looks like there's a radial something happening here that I didn't intend. I think it's the flag pole on the right and the foot prints in the carpeting that create that optical effect.

3. Freckles!

4. This is my second example of off-camera flash, thanks to a guest who fired their camera at the same time I did. I could just wish that they had bounced their flash a bit to minimize the sharp side shadows :D

5, 6. - Yeah, I think they feel something for each other.
http://lovenlaughter.smugmug.com/photos/183142753-M.jpg http://lovenlaughter.smugmug.com/photos/183142828-M.jpg

7. After all the toasts and before the cake cutting, the groom turned to his new bride and shared how he felt, how he loved her, etc. I don't remember the details as they referred to events about which I did not know. Anyway, here's some emotion for you.

13th of August 2007 (Mon), 13:51
For # 2 I don't like the cross somehow appears from the head of the bride. I think it's just me.

13th of August 2007 (Mon), 14:07
yeah, for shot 2 i always try to keep the crosses from coming out of their heads by centering them or shot down at them so the cross is above them. but still looks great, just darken their faces a bit so they dont dissapear into the cross' frame.

shot 4 id just pp it and lighten the shadows. take u only few minutes at most. And id also crop it tighter. all that wall is just dead space. oo , forgot to add, id also lighten her face up a bit.

great job! gratz!