View Full Version : So i just ordered the canon s3.....

15th of August 2007 (Wed), 14:17
and first off i wanna say i cant wait to get the camera. This is my first camera, so i bought just the camera to fool around with until i get a feel and get use to it. But i was wondering if there are any immediate accesories or upgrades that i should worry about at the moment.

15th of August 2007 (Wed), 16:22
It's a great compact camera that shoots quite sharp images. good choice.
Apart from a bag and some extra rechargeable batteries, there aren't any real accesories you should have from the start..
Expect of some memory cards!!!


15th of August 2007 (Wed), 16:46
I think you should consider getting a lens adapter and uv filter. I say this because the lens, as you know, is mechanical, extending every time you start the camera. The adapter keeps the extended lens safe from being bumped or hit accidently and keeps dust from getting into it, if you get a lensmate one you can put a uv filter on the end and you don't have to take it off and on, the lens extends inside the adapter and stops before the lens filter. Get a clip on cap and you don't have to be bothered by the cap falling off all the time and the lens being exposed to scratching.

I recommend Lensmate as I have one with the uv and its so convenient and safe.

Great camera choice.

15th of August 2007 (Wed), 18:56
Can you spell E N E L O O P batteries ? [grin]... and a 2 GB memory. **GREAT** little 'picture-taker'... Luv It ...

16th of August 2007 (Thu), 00:04
I think everything you need is listed above. I also think you will love your S3, 'cause it takes just down right great pictures!


Canon Guy
16th of August 2007 (Thu), 00:48
Just wait til you get bitten by the bug. Then you'll start buying things like high speed SD cards, wide angle lenses, polarizing filters...:).

But to start, like others have said - a bag, couple of sets of rechargeable batteries, and an SD card or two. I think other Sx IS owners would agree, a Lensmate adapter would be good to have at least to protect the zoom mechanism and give your left hand something more to hold on to. Whether or not you want to pop a UV filter on is up to you. There are some here that will use them to protect the lens, there are others who don't.

16th of August 2007 (Thu), 21:01
Welcome to the forums, Garrison. I'm a newbie here too. I agree with the previous posters. Soon after I got my S3 IS I purchased a 52 mm lens adapter, uv filter, and an inexpensive snap-on lens cap from lensmateonline.com. Then recently I picked up a circular polarizer filter. A 2 gig Sandisk card, batteries, charger, and basic case came bundled with my S3.

If you're planning on eventually buying wide angle and/or tele-converter lenses, I believe (at least I think I've read that) you'll need a 58mm adapter though; at least for Canon brand lenses. Maybe someone else here knows the facts about that? I'd suggest researching that before investing money in the 52mm.

16th of August 2007 (Thu), 21:29
Here is a little S3 shot to get your excitement going. :) This was done in "landscape mode" from the balcony of my hotel room a few weeks ago...


20th of August 2007 (Mon), 10:08
Sanyo eneloop is a must I think. I got an eneloop recharge kit(4 batteries and a recharger) which costs me A$29, quite a good deal.

20th of August 2007 (Mon), 10:21

In order to avoid frustration, I would not try to learn all the functions at once since this is your first camera. Read through the manual so you know what is there. Then go shoot some photos on auto or P.

If you can learn something new each time you use the camera, soon you'll have it mastered. Now, as for photography, getting that mastered may take a little longer.

Good luck

22nd of August 2007 (Wed), 19:15
this was my first camera that was a "higher end" model. Anyways...I never even knew there were various modes under SCN lol

23rd of August 2007 (Thu), 14:09
i'm ordering a s3 right now myself. Trying to figure out which memory card to purchase. I read that the sdhc card work, (http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/canon/powershot_s3-review/index.shtml) is that what you'd recommend? I'm a newby at this stuff, and do you buy the 4Gb?

23rd of August 2007 (Thu), 14:40
What are you planning to do with the camera? Unless you're planning on using it for a lot of videos a regular 2 GB SD card's plenty (you get about 9 min. of TV-quality video per GB of card, so 17-18 on a 2 GB, in 9 min. clips which is a camera limitation). You should be able to get around 450-500 Large Superfine (best resolution) stills on a 2 GB card.

23rd of August 2007 (Thu), 14:52
don't want to hijack this thread... i plan on taking photo's of my kids at 4-H/FFA cattle shows and other normal family stuff. we live in the country on a farm so outdoor, kids, animals, school graduations. I have a reef aquarium I want to photo too.

23rd of August 2007 (Thu), 15:05
So a 2 GB card or two should be plenty.

23rd of August 2007 (Thu), 15:06
http://www.lensmateonline.com/newsite/order_S2_1.html there is an option for 52mm or 58mm, they are both on a S3. Which one would I buy?

23rd of August 2007 (Thu), 15:33
Buy a tripod and some batteries, you will have fun with a tripod... and a fast card. Sandisk Extreme III or Ultra 2 .... between 2 and 4 gb

26th of August 2007 (Sun), 20:26
i'm reading a thread on tripods, there seems to be many. How do I know which one to buy?

27th of August 2007 (Mon), 12:06
i'm reading a thread on tripods, there seems to be many. How do I know which one to buy?

What is your budget

What features would you like (if you can afford (still in budget) to get a sturdier or slightly more featured one get it)

27th of August 2007 (Mon), 13:28
i know nothing about tripods, it was recommended that i buy one for extra fun with my camera coming today!

I plan on taking photo's in the cattle barns arena's. My daughter is getting ready to go to state fair and some big shows this fall. She is doing really well with her cattle this year, so can justify the purchase of the camera.

do i really need a tripod, i'm currently reading the sticky on them. Once again, i know nothing about them.

27th of August 2007 (Mon), 14:35
Depends - do you take long exposures (slower than 1/60 sec.)? Shoot at night? Self-portraits or group shots with you included?

27th of August 2007 (Mon), 16:28
If the cattle are moving at all, the tripod will probably do you no good in a low light indoor situation. If you are trying to get a shot with you in it, a tripod is better than giving the camera to someone else to shoot the photo. It is my experience that non photographers "always" put the head of the subject in the center of the photo, so you and the cows will be legless. If I have to give my camera to someone, I make a joke " It's a camera, not a rifle, don't put my head in the center". Then they usually only cut off only a few toes, instead of my legs.
If you are indoors, you may end up taking flash pics, if outdoors, you might not need a tripod. Shoot a few events and see if you have blurred images.

27th of August 2007 (Mon), 22:51
i'm not a photographer thats for sure. I don't know about exposures and stuff, where's a good place to learn about that? a link?

28th of August 2007 (Tue), 05:07
What I have found to work well for me so far

1 x tripod about $120

1 x monopod $60

8 x ENELOOP about $60

2 x 1 or 2 gig sandisk sd cards

I use the monopod all the time when I am taking sports shots its much easier to use than the tri

dont spend a lot of money on the tri but do make sure it extends to your height some real cheapies dont quite reach to the taller people

I 've tried some of the major brands o batteries but the eneloopies are the best so far that my budget allows they hold thier charge for aprox 1year so I have been told The others I have found go flat just sitting very annoying when you want to take some piccy's in a hurry

I have 2 x 1 gig sandisk sd cards and find that they are well and truly good enough

I dont know much about takin pickys but havin fun learnin

29th of August 2007 (Wed), 16:30
Hi "volivier". I do not know your location but if you have camera stores near you you might want to go there and look at tripods/monopods. Listen to the information and then take that knowledge when you decide to buy. For the S3 you do not need a super duper strong one IMHO. I have a Wal-Mart tripod (not the smoothest moving parts though when positioning the camera to lock it down with the long handle) and a Canon 100 monopod which I like very much. For your arena shots I would suggest a monopod since you can quickly move around with it.