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24th of August 2007 (Fri), 12:57
Here is a little series I thought I would share. This bull had an attitude about getting out of the pen. So he came after one of the horses and flipped him up and knocked him to the ground, He then let his opinion be known and as you can see at least he did not have any horns. Then horse rolled over with the rider still on his back, they shook off the dust and continued on.
Thanks for looking, Carol

24th of August 2007 (Fri), 13:02
Ouch, talk about a day in the life of. Great capture, thanks for sharing. T

25th of August 2007 (Sat), 14:36
That horse is lucky the bull doesn't have horns.

25th of August 2007 (Sat), 15:46
Great shots !!! Was that one of the pickup men's horses?

26th of August 2007 (Sun), 09:27
Great shots. That looks pretty scary.

26th of August 2007 (Sun), 09:45
Ouch! That had to hurt.

How was the guy on the horse? he appears to have taken the worst of things. I hope he wasn't badly hurt.

Great shots by the way.

26th of August 2007 (Sun), 13:03
The horse lived correct? Didn't have to be put to sleep later? Those bulls weigh more than the horse and yeah, they are lucky there were no horns on that walking steak.

26th of August 2007 (Sun), 18:33
These were taken at a Bull Riding and this happened to be the first bull out and he did not want to exit the arena. This picture is actually the first one and the pickup man tried to rope him and the bull turned on him and picked up his horse by the butt and when the horse and rider went down his caught the horse in the belly and then turned away. The horse rolled over and stood up with the rider still on. Both were checked out and were fine. They continued to finish the bull riding and neither the horse or rider was hurt. All I heard later was the rider was a little sore from the saddle horn hitting his stomach and ribs. I just happened to be one the right side of the arena to catch the action.

Thank you all for looking and the great comments, Carol