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2nd of September 2007 (Sun), 15:54
I have always liked the ring shots from the wedding posts, and my wedding photographer never did any.
So ... 3 years later, I decided to try my own. I know they turned out a little dark, but besides that, what do you think?
When you do them, I'm guessing you use natural light? I had the hardest time not getting my ring to reflect off the whole surface, like the side diamond in #1. What is your best technique?




Thanks :)

2nd of September 2007 (Sun), 19:56
bummer - nobody wants to help me out :(

2nd of September 2007 (Sun), 20:00
Be patient - it's only been four hours ;)

I like the idea, especially in #2, but they are too dark for my tastes. Maybe try them near some window light and/or add a bit of flash?

The ring shots I like the best - and remember, this is just my taste - have more depth to them (again, #2 comes closest for me).

2nd of September 2007 (Sun), 20:04
I actually think that these are very good. They only lack a slight bit of 'pop.' Otherwise, cleaning up the noise in the out of focus areas would be quite helpful. You're clearly onto something, though; I like them.

2nd of September 2007 (Sun), 20:14
I just tried doing ring shots myself. I think the key is the light on the diamonds and the best focus for the ring. Tim suggested putting a flash off camera, which I haven't tried yet. I took some pictures inside and some outside with natural light to make the diamond sparkle, give it that WOW or POP. I'm still working on the PP, but it's coming along. The main comment I've heard is to not make the rings look like you just put it on a flower or rest it on something. It has to have context and beauty in equal proportions. Food for thought, anyway. I also put my rings inside a rose, a fake one, and it was decent. If I had a real one, I think it would have been better.

2nd of September 2007 (Sun), 21:27
I think the "rings in the flowers" thing has been done to death. Can we as photographers (and artists) come up with anything more creative? It's like the whole "veil over b&g's heads" shot - so played out.

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 09:57
Thanks for the feedback everyone - back to the drawing board...
I had been doing flower pictures,
and decided I'd give it a quick try with our rings. I appriciate the comments, and will take them into effect with my next try.
Kja - I was using window light, but it was the evening, and by the time I was done it was dark, oops :)

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 10:00
good nice idea....but it looks a bit dark on my screen.
looks sharp tho

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 14:01
The last one is my favorite, but it does seem just a tad dark. Maybe just a quick levels adjustment would help.

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 14:46
bounce your flash or get closer to stronger available light - these are just too dark. I also think you can improve on the angles, these just dont appear to maximize the view of the rings...get closer maybe?

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 15:49
I love #3 just how it is...even dark. I think these are great. While the ring in the flowers, as someone said, have been done to death, most people have never had THEIR rings done and they love them. I think three is great. I would put it in a small frame and put it somewhere in your house (since they are your rings)