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3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 20:50
Euro Strategies for Ireland :

My wife and I are departing for Ireland soon … and we’re wondering about this euro thing … having never encountered it before. What is the best way to crash-learn about the euro in advance … and how best to take advantage … if any … of the monetary situation?

Should we convert our funds to euros before leaving home … on arrival at Dublin … or a combination of both? Which way is most cost-effective in terms of fees, etc? How much … in what denominations … should we bring along for out-of-pocket? And what about any unused euros on returning home?

We’ll have our MasterCharge and CitiBank cards along … which we understand are accepted over there to replenish our euro funds. Are there CitiBank ATMs in Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork, Killarney, and Galway where we’ll be visiting?

Direct replies … and helpful websites … are most welcomed. Thanks.

Mike (shamrock838)

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 21:02
My wife and I were there a couple years ago.... GREAT PLACE, GREAT PEOPLE..... It's a small world today and your cards will work in most ATM's w/a small "supliment" of corse. We used the ATM'S and took a a couple hundred each time. I know of now better way.

Enjoy your trip, I know we will be returning....

3rd of September 2007 (Mon), 21:08
Generally, converting to euros when you get to Dublin will provide the best rate.

How much? Well, what are you going to do? I get what I absolutely know I'm going to need, then pick up more as I need it. That reduces the chance of being stuck with large amounts of foreign currency.

While you do pay a small amount in conversion fees, I use credit cards for meals, hotels and any large purchases.

4th of September 2007 (Tue), 09:31
I'd get it in Dublin and use credit card for everything major.

4th of September 2007 (Tue), 15:46
I usually order a small amount of cash to have in hand from American Express - you don't need to have an AmEx card to do it - but you order it from their site. Just google American Express and follow the links to traveler's checks and you'll find the cash option. They deliver it within 489 hours.
This has served me well for things like taxis, tipping and the like. The AmEx site has a handy currency converter so you will get an idea of what you are using in US cash. I think the delivery fee for the foreign currency is about fifteen dollars.

I tend to use my VISA card for most purchases, but be aware that some of the countries in Europe are dealing with embedded-chip cards, rather than the magnetic strip ones we tend to use here. THey can take the magnetic strip cards and enter the transaction manually, but it doesn't always work, depending on their system (as I found at a Waterstone Book Store in Edinburgh last April).

Have fun - it's only money!:lol:

4th of September 2007 (Tue), 15:51
just reread your original post -

as for ATMs - yes, they are over there, as part of whichever network you are on. And it the one available is not on your network, the fee is not that bad.

You can exchange Euro bills for US dollars at the airport (Shannon or Dublin), but the exchange rate and fees tend to make it somewhat ruinous. Better to spend it at the airport shops). Change becomes an interesting souvenir, as it cannot be exchanged, either here or there.

Remember to keep a list of what you bought and how much your purchases cost, as you will have to make a list for customs upon re-entry to the US.

Fodor's travel has a pretty informative website - just google Fodors and see what comes up.

4th of September 2007 (Tue), 16:06
link for cash info in Ireland.