View Full Version : JOINING M0VIES HELP

9th of July 2002 (Tue), 20:38
When I try to join all the clips together taken by A40 with videoimpression, there's always "runtime error" poping up to interrupt. I can't join the movies together. What's wrong?? How can I fix it??

My PC: win98se, celeron667, tnt32m, 160sdram, 20g.


9th of July 2002 (Tue), 22:40
this is just a guess but i would imagine that you are trying to merge video clips in their original avi format. perhaps they are too large to join together and your memory is suffering. you can try converting them to mpegs and then merging them. don't know if this is your problem but worth a shot.

this thread tells how to convert with video impression

10th of July 2002 (Wed), 19:58
It improves much tho it might not be the best solution, as "runtime error" rarely pops up. Howerver the quality of the picture decreases in mpeg format which I can't stand it.

Anyway thanks a lot for your good suggestion, Paul.