View Full Version : G1 and external flashes

4th of June 2001 (Mon), 14:09
I am looking into investing in a flash-system to use with my G1. I am considering two alternatives:

1. A set of Canon Speedlites, maybe one 550EX and two 420EX's plus a remote controller unit ST-E2. I can't find any confirmation on the net that this system will work with the G1, as it is supposed to for Canon's newest filmcameras (EOS 3, 30 and 33). As a matter of fact, the more I've read, the more unsure I get that it'll allow me to set different ratios etc.

2. Buying a used, more professional, studioflash system. If alternative 1 seems like a lot of money to spend, this alternative can quickly run up to quite an investment, maybe more than nescesssary, since photography is only a hobby of mine. My old film camera system is not Canon and an extra plus with this alternative, would be that I could also use it with my old film camera and lenses.

Anybody out there with some experience on multiple flash setups and the Canon G1? Any advice? The kinds of pictures I imagine taking with the external flashes: Portraits, Architectural models, Copywork, Foods, Flowers and objects.

I'd love to get some feedback - Thanks!