View Full Version : Change details in Photo Professional

17th of September 2007 (Mon), 04:52
Hi, When using Digital Photo Professional I notice that in the info tab there is Owner's Name and Camera Body Number that I assume can be filled in with my details. Can anyone tell me how this is done? Thanks

17th of September 2007 (Mon), 05:20
Plug in the camera to the pc switch in on ,open eos utilty ,go to the remote shooting folder ,click on the toolbox and you will get a drop down menu.Change the owners name in there.

17th of September 2007 (Mon), 09:39
Just be sure to use the right cable...some require a firewire connection to make changes...

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 02:59
Hi, Sorry I've taken so long to reply. Thank you both for your time to answer that worked fine. Thanks again, Nobodyknows. :wink: