View Full Version : Lunch time, good thing I had my camera...

18th of September 2007 (Tue), 18:01
As usual, I was out and about with my camera and walking the streets of San Francisco, when this thing caught my eye! LOL




I shot these after the fact, and the hydrant was already erupting when I got there, I have no idea what happened, other than the Mercedes hit the hydrant hard enough to make it spout up like that.

18th of September 2007 (Tue), 18:03
Good shots... any chance you got any with a wider focal length? Would be good to get a bit of the surroundings in, for reference.

18th of September 2007 (Tue), 18:37
I was out with my 70-300 IS, didn't bring a wider lens with me, sorry. The accident happened on Kearney and Sacramento right by the "Young's Cafe" Chinese Restaurant.

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 04:28
Good effort with that lens then mate. Cheers.

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 06:06

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 09:45
That's pretty funny, glad ya had your camera with you.

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 13:58
Yeah, I usually go out at lunch with my camera, just my way to escape from work, when I notice this plume of water.

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 20:27
good effort with the lens, wish they would have been a little wider though .. oh well

19th of September 2007 (Wed), 22:14
They have break away bolts or pipe section so it doesnt cause extreme damage ...I speak from experience I had to pay to replace one once :(

20th of September 2007 (Thu), 00:35
What I missed, since some dude blocked my shot was the emergency crews carrying the hydrant away on a stretcher like gizmo, it almost looked like they were hauling off some dead bodies. Everyone was out with their cellphone cameras. It was sort of hilarious.