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Don Ellis
18th of July 2002 (Thu), 21:06
In the center of Hong Kong's financial district is Chater Garden and this is its "pond." I like the way my eye is drawn to the centered foliage and only then begins looking at the background it's set against -- in this case, the reflections of the financial and office towers surrounding the garden. This is one "busy" photo that still manages to remain interesting to me.


G1 Infrared
Shutter speed: 1 sec
Aperture: 2.0
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19th of July 2002 (Fri), 12:53
I agree - very nice!!!

19th of July 2002 (Fri), 22:07
The super-imposition of the flower over the reflected building (Cheung Kong Building) makes this a very unique picture. If you don't mind, imo, pond edge the upper left of the frame is a little distracting but it is nbd.


Don Ellis
20th of July 2002 (Sat), 01:05
Hi Griffin,

Point taken... there was even more distracting stuff in the upper region that I already cropped out. What I was finding, however, is that to keep a 4:3 ratio with the flower in the center, I was squeezing the sides and forcing the wire circle on the left and the willow on the right to the edge of the picture, besides chopping the top off the little stand of reeds in the center back. It makes everything seem a bit cramped -- or does it just focus attention on the center?

I'll let you decide with this new cropping. Thanks.



20th of July 2002 (Sat), 10:45
How about making it a portrait orientation rather than a landscape? Just a suggestion. The wire circle is hopelessly unavoidable. I will buy your new corp anyway.