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Don Ellis
3rd of August 2004 (Tue), 22:12
Roses on the Patio -- it was one of our monthly anniversaries and I had given Leela some roses the night before. In the morning, I dragged them out on the patio to catch the morning sun and give myself a reasonably large blank backdrop.


Territorial Fight -- the woman on the right had emerged from an alley with some old rusted window frames when the one on the left flew out of the shadows like a hen off the roost. They were apparently her frames and she wasn't going to put up with just any itinerant junk collector stealing them. It was the loudest dressing down I've heard in the streets for some time, and they were focused enough on each other to not notice me. Just as well.


Times Square Tree -- we have our own Times Square in Hong Kong, although not as large or garish or well-known as New York's, and this tree is a small nod to landscaping.


Umbrella in the Alleyway -- one of the pleasant surprises of Hong Kong is how often you see things lying and hanging around with no concern that they might be stolen. Considering our recent heat wave, this umbrella is more likely to be used as a sun shade today.


Girl Interrupted -- it's not Dubai or Kansas here in Hong Kong, but it is hot enough to fry ants without a magnifier and people all over town are racing from one spot of shade to another, from one air-conditioned building to the next. This lady, even at 1/125th of a second, is showing foot-blur as she strides towards a pool of shade.


Movie-Making -- someone in the crowd said it was "Top Model" while someone else thought it was a Budweiser commercial. Whatever it was, I was shooting the shooters through reflective glass which knocked my shutter speed down to 1/8th of a second, leaving only the camera in reasonable focus... but that just gives you an idea of the scurrying activity it takes to make even the shortest of films.




3rd of August 2004 (Tue), 23:20
:lol: :lol: :lol:

the two ladies shot, the umbrella shot and the lady rushing for cool air
and the flowers and how you describe them etc
all of them I love. really do

laughed my tummy better looking and reading what you said Don
in the two ladies shot I see another pipe on the ground something like what you posted before
(but not quite as big , so the stuff may not be quiet so mucky)

:lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

I love the shade and the light in all of them very much

(have to catch a plane to Rome in a few hours
son getting married in Sicily on Friday )
I nearly had forgot to get ready) :shock:
:? :shock:

and am nearly sick at the thoughts of the heat you talk about

already you had described it in the *last post
(*god forbid) :shock:

and it reminded me of what might be in store,
but you would have it different there I imagine.
either way I feel nauseous
'butterflies '
whatever( not just about the heat ) :?

really love these shots.

take care in that heat :shock:
I remember that happening in New york once Don
the cold in the shops and the heat outside
I ended up very ill
what with the air conditioning on the plane blasting into my chest all the way home :eyes
.... after the other extremes in the city :shock:

when a thunder storm struck in n.y the air was sucked dry.

there was none :?

that I could feel anyway :shock:

thanks for the great shots

3rd of August 2004 (Tue), 23:53
I love the flowers and the tree
i looove seeing your IRs of nature
keep it up