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4th of August 2004 (Wed), 22:47
I quickly built this website for my pictures. I don't have that many pictures but it's the best pictures I have for the 6 weeks I had the camera. Hope you guys enjoy the website and pictures 8)


5th of August 2004 (Thu), 08:43
Very nice. I remember the motorcycle close-up and the rollercoaster photo centred on the smiling, calm woman. But I must have missed the tiger waking up (if you posted it here). #7, #4, and #2 would be great framed together in sequence!!

10th of August 2004 (Tue), 10:07
Thanks ndh, I'm glade you like the pictures 8) I made some changes to the site and it's a lot more simple. I don't have enough pictures to create catagories yet, but I plan on doing so later on.

10th of August 2004 (Tue), 15:45
Very lovely photos.
The yawning tiger is my favourite. :D

12th of August 2004 (Thu), 22:29
Thanks Nana, I'm glad you enjoyed the gallery. The yawning tiger is one of my favorites too 8)