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6th of August 2004 (Fri), 07:50
Hello all,

I wonder if anyone out there has had an experiences similar to mine: When travelling, I usually keep the LCD closed and protected. When I turn the camera on for use, I then open the LCD and swivel it so it now is visible and on the camera's back (as opposed to being "deployed" out). Recently (on several occasions, in fact), it has taken quite awhile for the LCD image to switch and conform to the screen's orientation.

Also, when I now try to flip the screen back onto the camera, the screen turns off. Eventually, it does what it's supposed to do but only after several minutes of continuous operation. It really bothers me now so I would like to ask your help. Is there anything I can do to fix this short of sending it to the repair shop?


6th of August 2004 (Fri), 14:29
Sound like a bad ribon band cable connection to me

If you decide to fix it yourself, here's a good startpoint:


Good luck !

6th of August 2004 (Fri), 14:38
I have been flipping the G3 screen around a lot since I bought it. It has
over 4500 pictures on it and never given me any problems like this.

It does sound like a loose connection or bad cable.

7th of August 2004 (Sat), 06:24
My LCD ribbon connecter was bent and also snapped due to the LCD back cover, I dunno how it happend but I dented the back cover of the lcd display and it also snapped the LCD connecter(it was bent to connect the LCD display and covered by the LCD back cover) I reckon it is a design fault which did not recognise this kind of accident to be taken place. but I dunno why they did not shorten the ribbon connecter to an exact size rather than making it too long which left the back cover to be pressed against the ribbon connector!!!!


PS: it cost $200HKD for checking and $650HKD for replacing the LCD screen, bought the camera from Japan.

17th of August 2004 (Tue), 10:17
Sorry for the delay in the reply but I just got back from a trip.

Thanks so much for your insights. I'll have the camera checked out.