View Full Version : How do you make a Video CD that plays on a DVD player?

Ken Nielsen
10th of August 2004 (Tue), 18:20
I was told in the camera store that it can be done. I use MovieMaker to piece together clips on my Windows XP computer and can burn CD's. I have the lite version of Roxio Toast that came with my computer. Can I do it with what I have? Or, can it be done at all?

10th of August 2004 (Tue), 22:32
You have to output DV-AVI from MovieMarker2, then with a program that creates VCDs or SVCDs you can make a CD that will play in a DVD player.
You may have to convert from Type 1 or Type 2 DV-AVI with a free programs from Ulead.


MemoriesOnTV.com is a popular $50 program that will mix your photos with videos.

There is a free one for slides here:

10th of August 2004 (Tue), 22:37
Here are some VCD creating programs:


Try VCDEasy:



Ken Nielsen
11th of August 2004 (Wed), 12:56
These are some nice leads. I am now on my way to learning some fun stuff.


I just ordered the VCDEasy commercial version and it and the forum look great. It's always nice to have a forum to go to when there are questions.

Thanks Again,


Ken Nielsen
12th of August 2004 (Thu), 16:38
I now have a movie made in MovieMaker2 and it only will save as a Windows Media Video file format. The VCDEasy program wants MPEG format and will not recognize the Windows file.

Do you know how I can convert the file so that it will be the MPEG1 that VCDEasy wants?

28th of August 2004 (Sat), 14:46
NERO can convert to VCD or SVCD also.