View Full Version : Indian Wedding - PP help...too dark? how are the colors?

16th of November 2007 (Fri), 16:21
Please help me out. Not sure how to PP this better...Thanks!


Peter Pawinski
16th of November 2007 (Fri), 16:45
This is going to be a matter of opinion, so treat my advice as such.

I personally would not have compressed the blacks so much--i.e. either your black point is set farther to the right that I would or you've darkened the shadows too much. Once again, this is for my tastes. It looks a little bit too contrasty for my tastes. The colors look relatively okay to me, a little oversaturated due to the contrast, but the right hue. I'd also lift the midtones a little bit with a brightening curve.

But I don't think it's far off, and some people may like it as is.

16th of November 2007 (Fri), 21:53
I think it looks great on my monitor. Not sure how it will print though.
The black areas might not look good printed, but perhaps play about with the levels and try some prints to see what you think looks best.
Yeah it's a taste thing, but I like it! :)