View Full Version : White Breasted Nuthatches

29th of August 2004 (Sun), 20:05
As JZaun found out, these guys ain't easy. They move quite quickly, hopping from spot to spot to feeder.

After a while I realized that they seemd to hit the same spots, within an inch. So I aimed, focused approximately, and waited. And waited. And shot. And waited. And shot.

I managed about 7 or 8 keepers in 5 minutes. You can't chase them, so wait for them. It seemed to work.


29th of August 2004 (Sun), 20:07
Way cool Scott. Colors are great.

You really are becoming one with the birds.

29th of August 2004 (Sun), 21:54

What on Earth did you want to go to the Cape and get a sunburn for when you've got this in your backyard?

29th of August 2004 (Sun), 22:11
Beautiful shots! I've never seen one of those in person.

Have you tried the upside down duct tape in the branches yet? It holds the little buggers in place until you get the shot. :lol:

29th of August 2004 (Sun), 23:23
I need a bird book :idea: . I'm looking at Scottes' and JZaun's topic titles like at foreign languages.

Great images Scottes. I'm starting to like birds. (didn't find the egret I was looking for today though, just a bunch of ducks warming up for the migration)