View Full Version : Lotus 2 Eleven, Nissan GTR, and 2008 STI from LA Auto Show

Ben Fried
26th of November 2007 (Mon), 17:35
I went over to the Auto Show before opening hours on Saturday just to check out three cars of interest: the Lotus 2 Eleven, the Nissan GTR, and the 2008 STI. The lighting at the auto show was terrible and the Lotus booth was particularly bad. Craptastic lighting, black carpet, and a black car isn't the best combination, but I did my best to get a few shots of the 2 Eleven. I'll take some better pics of the 2 Eleven at the track in January!

Nissan GTR:

http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=969&g2_serialNumber=2 (http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_itemId=968) http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=973&g2_serialNumber=2 (http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_itemId=972) http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=977&g2_serialNumber=2 (http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_itemId=976) http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=979&g2_serialNumber=2 (http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_itemId=978) http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=975&g2_serialNumber=2 (http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_itemId=974) http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=971&g2_serialNumber=2 (http://gallery.realitydesign.com/main.php?g2_itemId=970)

Edit: I had all 3 cars here but the moderators decided to remove my thumbnails. If you want to see the rest of the pictures just go here:


26th of November 2007 (Mon), 18:57
Good shots. I think I'm going to skip the San Diego Auto Show next year and go up to the LA Auto Show instead. They claimed that it was going to be better in San Diego this year, but they had nothing new and exciting like this. Thanks for sharing.

26th of November 2007 (Mon), 21:23
you go on media day or really early?

Ben Fried
26th of November 2007 (Mon), 22:14
I had a manufacturer's pass from Lotus so I could get in an hour before the show started. I hung out for 45 minutes and left before people started coming in. ;)

26th of November 2007 (Mon), 22:15
OMG!!! That GTR is HOT!

26th of November 2007 (Mon), 22:59
be nice if you had gotten a 3/4 shot of the GT-R from the other side so that white block wouldn't be there.

27th of November 2007 (Tue), 13:13
I want a GT-R!! nice shots

Ben Fried
27th of November 2007 (Tue), 14:01
I had all 3 cars listed in seperate posts above, but the moderators deleted posts 2 and 3 so the STI and Lotus are missing. If you want to see the rest of the photos just go to: