View Full Version : Wedding Portrait Backgrounds

27th of November 2007 (Tue), 16:39
I'm not into scenics. Just wondering what everyones opinion is and what the general consensus is for color/type of formal wedding portrait backgrounds.

27th of November 2007 (Tue), 17:16
White back ground is the most and easy to work with photo shop .I like the white a lot , you can blend it with many back ground .

The black is hard for me ,because my space is too small .

27th of November 2007 (Tue), 21:43
I do location only photography but I have a green and blue chromakey background I take with me on location and shoot a few on it. Then I use Primatte 3.0 to remove the background and move the image to whatever background I have. I have Digital Background maker so I can make whatever background I want to move it to. Plus I have some scenics I snapped last month I can use.

28th of November 2007 (Wed), 20:17
Is Primatte 3.0 works with still images since it's designed for use with Adobe affter effect software? and where I can find Digital Background maker ?

28th of November 2007 (Wed), 23:19
Digital Muslin Backgrounds (http://www.box.net/public/rsf2ufx95i)