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28th of November 2007 (Wed), 16:16
You guys talked me out of upgrading my xti so please help me with my 70-200 ISL lens.

I used this lens, at all ranges, with IS on, all summer at high altitudes (no haze) in CO. and I got some really good landscapes, handheld panoramas and handheld HDR. But...

When I got the occasional shot at wildlife, the images came out softer that what I like. I thought at first it was nothing more than "buck fever" and I started paying more attention and using "sniper" tactics in locking the camera to my body. Helped only a little. This occured throughout the range of f-stops and magnification. I shoot mostly in A-V or T-V modes.

Could it be that I wasn't waiting long enough for the IS and AF to "kick in"? How long does it take? Failing that, what else could it be?

28th of November 2007 (Wed), 16:40
The IS and AF kick in on this lens in under a second (usually and in good light), so unless you were really quickly snapping away, I doubt that's a problem. However, if the wildlife is moving and you're trying to shoot with a low shutter speed (using the IS to hold the lens optics steady), you can still get soft photos. IS helps with camera/lens movement (shake), not subject movement.


28th of November 2007 (Wed), 16:51
an example pic would really help. mine works great for wildlife, though a longer len is always nice too

Tom Reichner
2nd of March 2009 (Mon), 10:38
Chauncey, Did you ever resolve this issue?

23rd of March 2009 (Mon), 05:58
Tom, you got me to thinking.
As hindsight, I don't believe the problem was in the lens, I think it was a body/user based problem.

That was about the time that I started to upgrade cameras, to the 5D>Ds2>Ds3.
I never took a quality image with the xti when extreme AF ability was necessary.
There were lots of decent landscapes, but none for that crispy critter shot.

Tom Reichner
23rd of March 2009 (Mon), 12:04

I'm glad you've figured this out. I just can't believe that people on this forum talked you out of upgrading your digitatl Rebel. Bad advice. I't great to see that you now have a body with a sensor as good as the 5D. You should see dramatic improvements in your wildlife images.

I'd love to see some of your recent attempts with the 5D.


23rd of March 2009 (Mon), 14:33
You misunderstood my response, I use a Ds3 now. 'Tis a superlative body.
See my signature.