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Kid Moe
12th of June 2001 (Tue), 08:35

I am looking to purchase a larger compact flash card for my G1 (128MB). I am wondering if I should look out for a particular brand, or if all CF are essentially the same, and I should buy the least expensive one I can find.

Has anyone out there had specific problems with CF brands?

Kid Moe

Eric F.
12th of June 2001 (Tue), 20:25

I have bought 2 of the 128mb from Kingston and I am totally satisfied. They cost around $100 after rebate. They seems to me to be no difference in brands, except maybe speed which would be hard to detect without a gadget. Maybe someone else would be able to explain a difference for price, but for me the lower price the better.

12th of June 2001 (Tue), 21:23

I bought 2 x 128MB from Newegg (Mr. Flash USA) and have had no problems with them what so ever.

They do seem a bit slower, but not really painfully so...

and for about 80 USD a piece, can't complain...


13th of June 2001 (Wed), 07:11
Ok from my own experience...

Most of the card that our rental place had were different brands and really they made no difference. But when we bought couple of Lexar 10x cards,when we worked on the big files we saw an improvment. Again I'm talking about Nikon D1 shooting in the burst mode with tiff images. On Coolpixes it wasn't much of the difference. Three seconds faster on the burst mode than a no-name card.

28th of June 2001 (Thu), 01:40
If the price is not the most important thing get as much space as You can (MD). One of the greatest things in digital photographing is definitely that You can take pictures whenever You want to! And when You get used to that, You will take pictures, a lot of pictures!

When having less memory You propably come to situation when You have to think to change to JPG format "to get some more photos" and thats definitely something that I don't want to do..

I have only 340MD and looking forward to get more memory or thing like DigitalWallet. I have not noticed any battery problems at all. It takes about 20 shots to get used to the sound what MD keeps producing (it is hard drive anyway!).


28th of June 2001 (Thu), 12:58
Thanks for the response, stenu.

I finally decided to get one piece of 128MB CF and one of the 1Gig MD. This solves 2 issues at a time. I will probably never have to make do with JPEGs and will be able to stick with RAW. If the MD fails anytime (since it is less hardy than the CF), my trips will not come to a sorry end since the CF will come in handy as it is certainly more reliable and less sensitive.

Do you know if the heating problems with the MD will deteriorate the effectiveness of the G1?


1st of July 2001 (Sun), 18:01
Not Stenu... but I've used my 1 gig microdrive since the day I received my G1 and have not noticed any difference with the camera whatsoever. The back of the CCD sensor does get pretty warm but it's always been like that. I have a 16, 32, 48, 64 meg compact flash card but with the microdrive, I'm spoiled (and I'm sure there's a lot of other microdrive owners out there who has the same opinion) that I just carry the compact flash cards in my camera case just in case (knock on wood) something happens to my microdrive.

I attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago and as usual, my G1 performed quite well.


29th of August 2001 (Wed), 06:00
Is microdrive so wonderful?
Is any disadvantage of microdrive comparing with the CF card? Can someone please tell me..
If microdrive is really that great I will go to buy one ( I am currently using CF cards)

29th of August 2001 (Wed), 19:12
I like the Sandisk flashcards. They invented the things so I guess thats why I like em.

Dealcat.com has purty good prices, and now offer like 256 meg and higher cards. Kinda pricey on the big ones but prices will come down eventually. I've bought from them twice. Good customer service, but they goofed up my address each time by being one house number off for some reason. I'd keep an eye on the UPS tracking feature of the shipment. I fixed it over the phone. Love the UPS tracking feature. Oh ya.

My main reason for flash card preference is no moving parts which makes me believe they are more durable. Anything I can't break is good.

I read somewhere life span is about a hundred million shots on a Sandisk type 1 flash card. May take awhile to actually test this :)

Eric F.
29th of August 2001 (Wed), 20:35
I will have to agree with Rod on this one. I can be rough on stuff and the flash card has hit the floor several times and not a problem.

I have several Kingston Cards 64mb, 128mb and 256mb. The latter I bought for around $120, I think I paid that amount for all of them because the prices keep coming down. Price per mb is now 50 cents. I like the ability to take the cards out when I finish a particular shoot. This way I have a more manageable number when I download them. I think that having the microdrive as the only way to save images would be less convient. An exception to this would be on a trip or shoot that would be more than 400 pictures or larger files than the G1 has. I am sure that I would have a different view if my 128mb only held 20 pics.

29th of August 2001 (Wed), 21:46
I have been using two 48MB Kingston cards and a 256MB Mr. Flash. No problems with any of them, but I have noticed that the Mr. Flash is slower when I'm shooting in burst mode. It seems to stop accepting new shots sooner, and it takes longer to write out the images. This, however, is rarely a problem, and the card was only $125 at newegg.com, which guarantees them for life (or the life of newegg.com, anyway).


26th of September 2001 (Wed), 19:16
I Love my IBM 340MB Microdrive...
Part of the beauty is that I can pop it into the laptop with the PCMCIA sleeve, then drag and drop the pictures... then i pop it into my Comapq Ipaq and have all my photos in my pocket!!
I have seen NO difference between the CF and the microdrive

11th of October 2001 (Thu), 22:12
I did a lot of research on this and the RiData cards seem best. They currently are the fastest on the market

I purchased 64Mb version which gives lots of room for photos. Most pictures I take are 1024x768 at fine compression. I get about 250+ photos.

Movies save much faster.

Mac Maven
12th of October 2001 (Fri), 08:27
I bought two 128 Meg cards from Newegg and one of them went bad. Newegg immediatly issued an RMA and I recieved a new card as soon as they recieved the bad card. I am impressed!