View Full Version : Looking for folks in Canada... who want to sell online in Canada

14th of December 2007 (Fri), 13:28
Over the past 12 months or so, we have come close to perfecting the online sales and delivery of photos for event photography. Basically we wanted to make a site in Canada for Canadian which handled all the online sales just like the USA sites have... since there were no sites we could find we made one.

Now with 5 clients including myself, and over $30,000 in sales in the past 6 months, we wanted to open the site to more photographers who are interested in the more personal touch, and keeping their photos, sales and money in the country.

The site has been set up, template driven just like all the major ones in the USA. The difference is that we charge in Canadian Dollars and can account for thing like like the GST etc. Also keeping the printing in the country, shipping is dirt-cheap for the client ($3.00)

If you're interested, let me know. There are no monthly fees, you just pay a commission when you sell. Right now, we're set for full fulfillment from taking the Credit card payment to shipping out the images. Self-fulfillment is coming soon, and that's where we will need some help.

So if you're interested in being on the ground floor of something pretty cool (I think at least), let me know. Comments, suggestions are more than welcome to make the site even better!

Site: Zoomphoto.ca