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10th of August 2002 (Sat), 19:38
I just recently started digital photography, using my mom's Powershot S30, I've almost got enough money to buy my own camera now, it'll probably be an S40, but enough about the just recently, here's my gallery: http://www16.brinkster.com/scrapme

10th of August 2002 (Sat), 22:31

Forged with hot fire [Sense the dynamite.]
Steel scraps and reds and purples. [Eternal fire.]
Come. Strut thru the green light. Park. [Cold steel and glowing glass.]
Soft gold light with solar power reflects on patterned lace. [Scrapmetal@ Home.]

HOWIE (Ottawa, Canada)

* Love it. Great techno, sci-fi, futuristic look. Bravo
* As regards “usability (http://www.useit.com/)” it may suffer a bit because visitors need to scroll to view your incredibly beautiful shots.