View Full Version : Specsavers Rally 2007

29th of December 2007 (Sat), 17:16
Hi Guys,

A final couple for now from today at Croft taken earlier in the day when the weather was a little less wet, but still windy and cold. Comments most welcome


John Hudson
30th of December 2007 (Sun), 05:08
The second shot is well caught but it looks kind of weird. It gives the impression that the tyre is a solid object the car is bouncing off.

I like shot number one, are those the brake discs glowing. Seems strange to see that on the straight. I never stuck around this side of the track for more than a few minutes, I was a little annoyed that Tower and the infield were closed off.

30th of December 2007 (Sun), 08:25
thanks for the comment John, the second one is one of a series I shot in that one in the later ones the tyre is well and truely squashed !, as for the first ones it's not the brake disk glowing, but sparks coming off it so don't know if something was binding perhaps ?


2nd of January 2008 (Wed), 12:59
Nice capture on the first one - sparks from the brake on the front wheel?

3rd of January 2008 (Thu), 02:22
nice shots, lovin the subi