View Full Version : UDMA-specs of SanDisk Extreme CF card

20th of January 2008 (Sun), 16:13
SanDisk Corporation has postponed one of its major 2008 announcements, originally scheduled to be unveiled at the recently-concluded CES Show 2008 to the upcoming PMA Show 2008.

The reason being that CES is more for audio-video products and SanDisk has already announced products meant for audio-video usage over there.

So this postponed product has to be related to digital photography like high performance CF or SDHC cards.

I am guessing it to be the next-generation of SanDisk's Extreme CF card. If it is not, it might be new additions to the existing Extreme IV and Extreme Ducati lines.

We might be able to see Extreme IV or Extreme Ducati in 12, 16, 24 and 32GB types. All UDMA types of CF cards.

Maybe a totally new line to be known as Extreme V instead? Who knows?

21st of January 2008 (Mon), 01:18
I want an eSata reader.

27th of January 2008 (Sun), 08:19
I want a Firewire 800 thumbdrive with full read/write speed.