View Full Version : The Big Red X A little help please.

4th of October 2004 (Mon), 22:46
I have been using Fotopics in the past now all i get is the big RED X. So i tried another pucture hosting site same thing only thing that changed was an XP up grade. The more i work on computers the less i no. :shock:

5th of October 2004 (Tue), 18:55
Type it in like this:


5th of October 2004 (Tue), 23:47
I use fotopic also and had the same problem. I found out that in the URL there is a number after the word images ( eg. http://images2.fotopic ).
Remove the number and it will post. ( eg. http://images.fotopic )

I hope this works for you. :D

7th of October 2004 (Thu), 18:56