View Full Version : Unknown bugs

30th of January 2008 (Wed), 05:37
Taken on a recent trip to Tassie.
Thought their colors looked good.
And they all appeared to be having a good time.:)

30th of January 2008 (Wed), 05:58
Not sure on the ID almost looks like a Jap Beetle...but I don't think they are.....

Lovely second shot

30th of January 2008 (Wed), 06:16
very interesting!
i like #1 a lot. i find it hard to get good detail on bugs with a black head.
i like the "sheen", making it look like a fresh coat of paint!

30th of January 2008 (Wed), 08:24
Good captures- think they are mirid/capsid bugs of some type.

Brian V.