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5th of October 2004 (Tue), 18:45
I received a letter from The International Library of Photography (www.picture.com) today. This is a contest I entered a little while ago. In the letter they said that the Selection Committee has advanced my photo to semi-finalist in the Nature Category. The photo will be published in their next book. Entitled " Endless Journeys" :D

This sounds encouraging to me. Of course I can purchase the book if I desire. What do you think? Has anybody had any experience with this outfit?
This is the Photo in Question. Titled "Beaver Pond"

5th of October 2004 (Tue), 18:49
A Google for the company name found this as the second hit: http://www.betterphoto.com/forms/QnAdetail.asp?threadID=9443

Sounds like a scam. 3 people all "win" for their photos. Another person wins for 2 photos. Everyone wins, everyone pays for the book, and it finally comes 1.5 years later.

Smells pretty darn fishy to me. Save your money.

5th of October 2004 (Tue), 19:03
Don't look so encouraging now, dose it :(

Thanks Scotties :D

5th of October 2004 (Tue), 19:34
Well I wouldn't go as far to say it is a scam but, if you don't purchase the book your photo won't be in it. This is a sales pitch so to speak that also has been used in poetry contests as well as photography contests.

I would think it would be more legitimate if they would send you a notice that indeed your photo won and IS published in such and such book. Would you like to purchase a copy of the ALREADY published book?

Of course if you do send in the money and say in a year or two you get the book you can always show your friends and family your award winning photo which has been published in a nice book. I won't tell them you paid to have it published.

5th of October 2004 (Tue), 20:35
I won't tell them you paid to have it published.

Yes Indy, but I would know.

9th of November 2005 (Wed), 10:24
Interesting link from a Previous winner from the same sight. I also entered the same contest and recieved the same type of confirmation letter and wanting permission to print and the option to buy a book.

9th of November 2005 (Wed), 11:49
Had a similar experience with Cutest Pet Photo Contest, got letter saying the picture of my cat would be published in their coffee table book and I could buy it for the amazingly low price of $39.95 and purchase additional copies for the regular price of $69.95.
Mad a few copies of the picture and they now sit on the coffee table and the money I saved goes toward my "L" fund.


10th of March 2006 (Fri), 12:34
I have never heard of getting award and having to pay for it.I got one in the e-mail also from picture.com and if you win there contest they put in a book and to see your photo in the book you have to pay for it.Now Betterphoto i have been a member sence 2002 and i have learned so much and have some really great friends from all over te world ...Sharon W

10th of March 2006 (Fri), 12:54
I entered one of their "contests" years ago and got a few offers for their books, but didn't bite. I got an "honorable mention" medal thing from them, it's pretty funny.

10th of March 2006 (Fri), 14:02
Yeah its a scam. They sent me the same things even when i sent in crappy photos. Then they told me that i won a metal bowl or something but i had to pay like $300 for it lol.

10th of March 2006 (Fri), 14:52
You can go to a CVS or SamsClub Photostore here in the US and have a bound book of your pictures taken made for $24. You could save half the price and have all of your photos in it. I was amazed at the quality of prints at Sams Club, so don't be discourages.