View Full Version : WTB: Flash for Rebel

7th of October 2004 (Thu), 13:23
I am looking for a good flash for the Digital Rebel.

Which Canon Models will work and does anyone have one they want to sell?


7th of October 2004 (Thu), 14:27
About the only three Canon flashes to consider are these:

Canon 420EX Speedlite.
Canon 550EX Speedlite.
Canon 580EX Speedlite.

That last one is too new and its price would not be justified for a Digital Rebel unless you had plans to upgrade the camera to something even newer.

So, really there are only two practical choices.

---Bob Gross---

7th of October 2004 (Thu), 15:17
Can you tell me the differences between the 420 and 550?

thanks for your help.

7th of October 2004 (Thu), 17:32
The main differences are that the 550EX has a slightly bigger guide number. The 550EX has the capability of being a Canon wireless Master or Slave or None. The 420EX has only Slave or None. Then there are numerous smaller features in the 550EX.

Check it on the web site to get the facts.

---Bob Gross---