View Full Version : Wedding photographer needed - Auckland, New Zealand

19th of February 2008 (Tue), 20:44
We need a photographer for our wedding on 22 March (Easter Saturday) in central Auckland, New Zealand. We have a pretty tiny budget so can only afford to pay about NZ$150 for the photographer to be there for about 2 hours. However we don't require physical photos, just files on a CD or flash drive, so there would be no expenses for the photographer.

This would be a good opportunity for someone looking to get into wedding photography - we don't require any kind of wedding experience, just evidence that you can take a decent photo and will turn up on the day.

Please email us with a portfolio on helenalexrobinson@yahoo.co.nz

20th of February 2008 (Wed), 01:52
Unfortunately I can't do it (unless you pay travel expenses ;-)) but you fail to mention whether this is your own wedding, or whether you are simply hiring a photographer to do the work for you?


20th of February 2008 (Wed), 14:41
It is for my own wedding. Obviously my budget doesn't stretch to flying a photographer in from the UK, but I might be willing to pay reasonable travel expenses for a photographer from elsewhere in New Zealand, if anyone is interested.

Someone pointed out that if I wanted professional quality I would need to pay several times what I'm offering here, so I'll clarify that I don't need professional quality, just someone who can take a competent picture. I'm not one of these women who has dreamed of the perfect wedding her entire life and wants perfect photos. :) If I had any amatuer photographer friends I would be getting them to do it, but since I don't, I don't think it's fair to invite someone who's not into photography to my wedding and then make them spend most of the time taking photos instead of enjoying themselves. Also, I want to feel confident that they won't all be out of focus or whatever. I don't need post-production (or whatever you call it) - this is something I can do myself. In fact, the only reason I'm not taking the photos myself is that as the bride I'm sort of obliged to be in most of them.