View Full Version : Not many around now

3rd of March 2008 (Mon), 01:25
My two year old Irish Setter. Keep hearing from dog owners how they love the breed and how they used to have one as a child but not many around now.

3rd of March 2008 (Mon), 09:28
My neighbors had 2 when I was growing up. Beautiful dogs. Very gentle and very smart. I didn't realize it until you mentioned it, but you really don't see many of them around.

3rd of March 2008 (Mon), 10:26
Beautiful shot of a beautiful dog. I'm really liking the DOF.

As for the rarity of Irish Setters, I only see them at dog shows. But if you think about it, rarely do you see English Setters, Gordon Setters, etc., many of the sporting group. My take on it is because these breeds aren't needed in their hunter capacity like in the early days of the US. Not much of a need to have that setter flush out a Perdue Oven Roaster at the grocery store (VBG)!

25th of October 2008 (Sat), 11:21
lovely photo
As for the breed, they are very common here in the Netherlands. We have just started our own Gordon Setter kennel. The Irish Setters always have a huge turn-out at shows in Europe. Beautiful dogs. Beautiful photo.

25th of October 2008 (Sat), 17:18
lovely dog and great photo , now that you mention it , i have not seen one in 30 years , i know its a long time but my cousin use to breed these dogs and it was that long ago that she did.

Ryan W
8th of November 2008 (Sat), 15:37
I've got one :D

Just had meningitus - recovering now; nice to see him running around the park again :D

James Salenger
21st of November 2008 (Fri), 14:28
Beautful dog.