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4th of March 2008 (Tue), 20:04
Went looking for bugs today, didn't find any but I found these ooths on my fence. So I have a question for you mantis guys, can I take these down and hatch them? I love some of the pictures I've seen here and would like to take some mantis pictures. I usually find one or two in the wild around here but I I could raise my own that might be cool.

The last picture is of something else I found all over my fence. Does anyone know what these are?

4th of March 2008 (Tue), 20:05
This picture is upside down, but it looks better that way.

4th of March 2008 (Tue), 20:10
neato,, ill have to look for those arond my house,, i read some where you can hatch them.. maken sure theres alot of live bugs to eat once they hatch becasue they are very agressive and will eat each other,, but i might be thinking of the lava stage,, which this loks to be a soon to be adult, but then again, im no expert, give it a try, what the heck.

Jay Lowery
4th of March 2008 (Tue), 21:29
hey check out this forum

i found an ooth not too long ago in my backyard. they identified it and told me what to do with it. waiting for it to hatch sometime soon.

oh yea good luck

macro junkie
5th of March 2008 (Wed), 09:41
1st ooth looks looks oldish..shoulnt have long left on that one..the 2nd pic looks like a newly laid one..u can slice it off or gentlay pull it off making sure u dont damage it..then u need to put it in a swettie jar with wet medium and netting over top of jar.stick it half way down in the jar with none toxic hot glue..make sure u have plenty of frute flys ready before they hatch..soon as they hatch after 2 days they start feeding if u dont feed them after 3 or 4 days after hatching they will die.so only take them in doors and hatch them your self if you have frute fly culture ready.

macro junkie
5th of March 2008 (Wed), 09:43
go to the link jar said and join and show them the pic..they will tell u what it is..

5th of March 2008 (Wed), 10:24
Last pic are Bagworm Moths Pupal Cases.


5th of March 2008 (Wed), 10:43
Thank you all for responding. I posted pictures in the mantis forum and got a few responses. Thanks for the bag moth id. Those things are everywhere.