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6th of March 2008 (Thu), 11:59
sorry if the title shows a little bit too much excitement (seeing as it's gonna cost me a pretty penny,) but i was wondering, have any of you used the bogen 303SPH VR & macro head?

i'm into focus stacking in macrophotography, conventional true macrophotography, cubic and cylindrical panos, hdr, qtvr and i could go on and on, but hey, let's focus on these guys for this head purchase.


any of you think this guy is worth the buck?

i'm about to head off to FM to see if they got some reviews for it (i know, should've been my first move.)

too late now. :D

6th of March 2008 (Thu), 15:05
yeah, no such luck at FM so any help would be appreciated before i commit to a 580.00USD head, you know. :rolleyes:

6th of March 2008 (Thu), 15:10
Sorry man, I can't help you out here. I know that a bunch of folks on here shoot entirely handheld, however in your case, it you are doing a lot of work with a tripod that might just be a good tool for you.


6th of March 2008 (Thu), 15:55
Wow, thats one expensive compilation there... I have never used that, but I have used the macro focusing rails as a pair for X and Y movement and thats the same as what that thing is using and you can just slap a quick release plate on there of your choosing (I had the RC4) and youd have 75% of that thing for less that half the cost. I liked the micr positioning plates, they were strong, solid, and with two offered a very wide range of movement in the X and Y axis. Together they worked perfect with the RC4 QR system I put on top and the RC4 QR plate I had on bottom to slap the whole unit onto my tripod. But all that was all for macro stuff and wouldnt be much help in the panoramic area...

6th of March 2008 (Thu), 16:27
yeah, the only con is it appears to be a vertical bracket and has no horizontal capabilities, like the 303PLUS (which then lacks cubic pano possibilities).

my main agenda is definitely to be able to cover fairly both grounds, but most importantly, macro.

i also saw this.


i don't know how much i like focusing rails as opposed to slider plates. is there an actual smooth gliding focusing rail system?