View Full Version : Second Shooter - wanted - Wedding April 19th - Flint Michigan

16th of March 2008 (Sun), 17:59
My handy dandy assistant/second shooter (my son) is out of town on April 19th -- so I am soliciting people who would like to be considered for a wedding on Saturday April 19th in the Flint Michigan area.
Send me a note and lets talk.

EDIT -- I really need to clairify this post a bit more. I am really not in "need" but this is an offer to help out other photographers who maybe have not shot many weddings or maybe new at weddings to learn a bit. I do not charge clients for second shooters---I simply have a clause in my contract that allows me to have an assistant/photographer with me. Because of the mechanics of wedding photography I cannot take anyone who is new at photography but will certainly do what I can for a photographer who wants to understand the business.
I will be paying $100 for gas and let the photographer to use the images that they take. I would like to have someone who has their own equipemnt. Learning new equipment--in my opinion is too much of a learning curve.
This wedding is a bit unique for me. It is an african american couple. The wedding is at a large church--the reception is at an upscale golf course. It will be good for someone to understand lighting and skin tones on this wedding. It should be a lot of fun but weddings are a lot of work. I always walk away worn out---but I am someone who puts 110% into what I do.
Thanks for reading!

18th of March 2008 (Tue), 11:45
PM sent

25th of March 2008 (Tue), 11:36
Dan-- pm returned.


Rick DeLorme
3rd of April 2008 (Thu), 00:13
Hello Scott,
Have you found someone yet?

3rd of April 2008 (Thu), 15:45
Hello Scott,
Have you found someone yet?

Hi Rick. I will drop you a pm. But looks like I have a second shooter lined up for this gig.

3rd of April 2008 (Thu), 18:10
Bummer.. I wish I'd seen this sooner. I used to attend college in Flint (former GMI).
Ah well.

Hope your second shooter learns a lot =)

21st of April 2008 (Mon), 14:10
Just an update. I want to thank QX56 (Dan) for his work as second shooter this past weekend. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him. Dan was able to bring his son along to keep an eye on the equipment --that worked well for both of us.
Again I highly recommend Dan and his work. He is professional and a nice guy. Would love to work with him again. He knows what he is doing and nice to have around.

I am going to try to have a second shooter for local Flint weddings and to help and teach those who are interested in the business how weddings work.
Most of my work is typically out of town but I hope to post more second shooter openings for Flint soon.
Anyone interested in working as second shooter drop me a note and we can connect via email.
I have asked to put on a few photography workshops. These will be cheap workshops helping beginning photographers or those with a point and shoot camera on how to better understand their camera etc. They will Flint area based -- more community type classes. Anyone interested in helping/participating --please also contact me.

21st of April 2008 (Mon), 17:34
Thanks Scott ,love to work with you again .Just give me a call if you need second shooter .

Dan .