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19th of March 2008 (Wed), 17:21
Hi all ... I'm wondering the best ways to sneak professional photography equipment into places that do not allow it (i.e, concerts). Anybody got any good ideas?


19th of March 2008 (Wed), 17:22
get a high end point and shoot..you don't have much of a chance with anything else.

19th of March 2008 (Wed), 17:50
If you have a wooden leg you can hollow out the false leg and insert a long lens - The camera could be concealed in a false beer belly...

Or you could just get a Canon G9 and maybe a telephoto extender lens :-)

19th of March 2008 (Wed), 17:51
... and stick a flash on it :-)

Ronald S. Jr.
19th of March 2008 (Wed), 18:01
Get a better beamer, fill it with popcorn (why deal with the questions?), and bring a G9 and a 580 flash. Then you can use flash! :eek:

19th of March 2008 (Wed), 21:43
1) Befriend the band/venue owner and get your stuff in legally.
2) Take awesome pictures.
3) Profit. Seriously, sell your pictures.

Or at the very least, talk to the band (especially if they're smaller), and depending on your skill level, offer to provide images to them for use (with a nice watermark in the corner). That's what I've been doing the past year or so, and sure, I haven't made any money (yet!), but I've gotten good enough at concert style photography that I think I probably could start selling some of my stuff if I put effort into finding buyers.