View Full Version : Wedding shoot tommorrow! *8pics*

3rd of April 2008 (Thu), 23:35
Just processed some shots from the rehearsal today! I am in no way a professional but would like some critique. This is my first wedding and it is for a friend as a gift. Is there anything I can do differently for tomorrows wedding? How is the processing? All were shot either the 17-55mm IS or 70-200mm f2.8 IS. I think most were 400 iso or 640 iso and all were close to wide open if not so.

What settings would you guys recommend for walking down the isle? Direct flash? or us my Joe Demb flip it?

Thanks a bunch guys :D


Wish me luck today!

4th of April 2008 (Fri), 00:10
I'd personally prefer ditching the flash and bumping up the ISO. 800-1600 on your 40D should be just fine - but I personally will take grain over an obvious direct flash (bounced flash off a ceiling would be different, however), so take that with a grain of salt ;)

Either way, great job with your first!


4th of April 2008 (Fri), 08:26
bnlearle, what about when the bride is walking down the isle and there's strong backlight coming from the church door and no light on her face ?