View Full Version : Photo Album Books for digital photography - not for weddings

6th of April 2008 (Sun), 10:34
I have been searching for some options on photo books and I keep coming up with the higher end of quality and feel that would be more appropriate for weddings. I have an account with Asuka Book and hope to get a sample made soon (I like their range from soft cover to leather). I am looking for other options that would produce a coffee-table type book, not mounted photos. Blurb looks promising but the design element feels a bit limiting to me, although it certainly would have its uses for me too. I use Photoshop CS3 or InDesign - some books are for photo print submission only, I want to do it digital.

6th of April 2008 (Sun), 11:55
I've been very happy with the Press Books from Mpix. Although, I would suggest using the Linen paper because it really ups the quality and looks a lot nicer.

6th of April 2008 (Sun), 18:34
Thanks. I forgot about them! I am not sure the linen paper would always fit the theme that I would be printing. I want to be able to offer the "average-joe" price level of a book up to the "I got money to burn" high quality of Asuka Book. The "average-joe" is hard to find with what I am looking for (not only in quality, but paper and book cover selections, design options, total pages, etc.)

7th of April 2008 (Mon), 14:44
You might want to check out Nayaco.com

Now I haven't used them yet, but have met the folks who run the business several times and seen their work. Nice folks and their products look very good. Lot's of variety beyond wedding albums, although they are the first to admit that's more than half their work. I know they are working with some top pros and their prices seem pretty good (but please do your own comparisons, I really haven't shopped around much yet).