View Full Version : My first baby shoot with 40d

6th of April 2008 (Sun), 22:47
Well I finally took out my new 40D and gave it a spin. Using the forums guide to framing and a few ebooks i did this in about 15 min with CS3 first time using it and i love it



Any advice or input is welcome because i am thinking of starting a small studio and am still learning

Raphael V
7th of April 2008 (Mon), 07:42
Like the second one.

7th of April 2008 (Mon), 10:27
They both look like snapshots. Find your friends and family who want free photos and practice, practice. Learn to shoot without the flash.. Learn about composition and framing.

Bill Ng
8th of April 2008 (Tue), 14:00
Agreed ... snapshots, and the second one is out of focus. If that is the onboard flash, superglue it shut and never open it again. If that is a Canon Speedlight, look up the term "bounce" and get practicing.