View Full Version : Good Guys Classic Auto Show in Del Mar

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 15:05
Hey guys, These are some shots I got from the Good Guys Classic Auto show in Del Mar California last weekend.

Let me know what you think
All CC is encouraged, I dont shoot cars a lot, im mostly into birds and other wild life (But ive always loved cars, grew up going to a small car show every friday they have downtown here in Garden Grove California.

Hope you Enjoy, I'll most likely put up another post later on with some more.

#7 Not a classic, but one of my favorite modern-day cars
#8 and of course, when your around fast cars/muscle cars/race cars, you cant forget RatFink.

Thanks for looking! again, all CC is greatly encouraged, hope you enjoyed.

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 19:25
Anybody? Come on, dont be shy ;)
I'll take any CC you have, good or bad :)

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 19:48
Anybody? Come on, dont be shy ;)
I'll take any CC you have, good or bad :)

haha I have no CC for the pictures, but the cars are NICE ! I got a thing for those old pieces of sheet metal.

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 19:51
Yeah me too, as I said before, I grew up going to the classic car show downtown, so ive always had a fasination for them, I just love the style and look, an the throughty, deep rumble of the engines :)

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 19:53
Seems a little dark, missing some "pop". Maybe vignette the photo to remove some distractions? I like #1, #4, #5. The paint graphics are incredible.

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 19:55
the outside car shots would have been better if you didn't cut the cars off

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 20:12
Well, I think that all of these shots could have been better if the whole car were in the frame. They are too far out for artistic close ups, but not far enough for the whoel car. Kind of in between in no man's land.

However, that C6 Z06... Oh wow.

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 20:22
Thank you all for the CC, it's greatly appriciated :)

It was a very large show with a LOT of people there, so there wasnt much time to snap a good shot before sombody just walked right in front of the car, and the cars were pretty close together, so I had to get back pretty far since the only lense I had with me was the Tamron 28-75 2.8. But next time i'll try to get either the entire car into the frame, or do like I did for #'s 4, 5, an 8.

Thanks again to all of you :)