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8th of April 2008 (Tue), 18:23
Hi guys. I am looking long and hard at the G9 for my next digital camera, and I have a pretty basic question that I can get answered here probably easier than anywhere else: Does the G-9 come equipped with a metal (brass or steel) 1/4-20 threaded tripod mount, or is the socket made of-what? PVC? Old plastic bags? ...as are so many digital tripod mounts. They last about a week with me, then the camera is useless for anything but handheld snapshots. Try to find out at Best Buy? they don't know, don't care, and won't find out, because all the demos are bolted to their anti-theft umbilicals by the tripod mount. I'm hoping the G-9 is better than that. It should be.

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 18:30
ALL METAL! The only plastic on a G9 is on the very top under the controls. It is very nice. :)

8th of April 2008 (Tue), 22:05
Thanks for the help!

10th of April 2008 (Thu), 11:30
This might be a little redundant since you already got an answer, but here is a photo of the bottom of my G9. The tripod mount is metal, and the case is metal. It should stand up to careful tripod use for quite a while.

If you are so hard on tripod mountings, maybe a quick mount system would be good for you. One where you attach a plate to the bottom of the camera and then it quickly mounts/dismounts from the tripod. Would save time and also be easier on the camera. Something like this (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/272780-REG/Bogen_Manfrotto_488RC4_488RC4_Midi_Ball_Head.html) from B&H would be good.


10th of April 2008 (Thu), 12:03
Ofcourse the L-plate is even for the more serious tripod user, although it is a bit expansive.


10th of April 2008 (Thu), 12:16
A really nice piece of equipment, MDino. However, a tad expensive. I was thinking more in the line of the tripod head I linked from B&H. I use a similar head on my tripod and monopod. They came with the camera plate, so I just attach that plate to the camera and I'm ready to do. The quick disconnect makes it easy to remove the camera for transport or to handhold a shot. The cost is in line with most other tripod heads. The device you suggest would be really nice as a carry around cover/mount. I might have bought something like that if I didn't already have other items that do the same thing.