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13th of April 2008 (Sun), 07:58
At what point did you get insurance and a business license? I'm just starting out. I don't have dreams of doing photography full time. I enjoy the practice and getting a few bucks to upgrade my equiptment. I don't shoot wedding, mostly just kids. Most of my sessions have been friends or "friends of friends." I have my first session next week with a complete stranger. Indoor shots are done at my home, while outdoor shots are done at area parks and such. I'll probably only make about $2000 - $2500 this year (that's what i did last).

For the license, if I read the local law correctly, I don't need one until I have at least $3 or $4k in sales. If I see I'm going to get close to that this year, then I'll certainly go get a license. At this point, I don't think I have anything to worry about.

Insurance however, is a bit different. I see posts where folks are paying 500-600 for it. That's half my earnings! http://ilovephotography.com/forums/style_emoticons/newemoticons/blink.gif I'm going to call to see if I can get something added onto my homeowner's policy.

I'd just be interested to see what you folks did. Thanks!!!

13th of April 2008 (Sun), 16:15
A business license is cheap and I would get one as soon as possible especially if you plan on advertising anywhere. Cities sometimes can be real butts about it especially if you are working out of your house but please check your zoning 1st!

My dh and I have two separate business that we just merged under an incorporation. Insurance can be expensive but it is worth protecting yourself and your gear. Our business insurance cost us $700.00 for a full year but that gives us a lot of coverage including $ in liability which dh is required to have in his line of work. The insurance covers fire and theft as well.

13th of April 2008 (Sun), 18:45
I have had a personal article policy through State Farm.

When I decided to make photography my business, I upgraded to a business policy. I was told by my agent that if I am making money & my gear gets damaged &/or stolen it needs to be under a business policy or they would not cover it. I figured I had better be safe than sorry.

I also got liability insurance as well. So no matter where I am, myself, my business, & my gear are covered. I would hate to have someone trip over my gear.. sue me.. and not be covered!

For gear coverage & liability, it was less than $700.00 per year. It's money well spent.

14th of April 2008 (Mon), 11:38
Since I actually sell insurance, specifically business insurance, I can tell you first hand that insurance is much cheaper than most claims and definately cheaper than any lawsuits. I can't tell you how many people I have seen upset with the cost of their insurance, but once they had a claim, the premium suddenly became money well spent!

14th of April 2008 (Mon), 11:45
All the locations I have to go into to photographer require liability. And I couldn't sleep if my equipment wasn't covered. Its so cheap compared to the alternative.