View Full Version : Wedding Photo Question

14th of April 2008 (Mon), 15:48
Would you smooth out their arms a tad or leave be? If smooth, would you use the same "blur" technique as you would their face?


14th of April 2008 (Mon), 17:41
The one on the right needs a bit of toning but I don't think you can do that in photoshop, perhaps the gym. But seriously, I'm not a pro photoshop user but wouldn't attempt it. I do like the shot though!

14th of April 2008 (Mon), 17:55
I think it's more a case of dodge and burn than smoothing.....

14th of April 2008 (Mon), 22:21
Dodging can work quite well. However, converting to a proper spectrum would also work great. I think the image is darker than it's suppose to be

14th of April 2008 (Mon), 22:48
i would duplicate the layer as you have it. apply guasian blur to the new layer 1 and drop its opacity to taste.
it would have been nice if their flowers were just hanging down by their sides.
nice shot.