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19th of September 2002 (Thu), 16:43
I'm thinking seriously about picking up a digital camera and thought I'd narrowed it down to the G2 - but then the G3 was announced. You know how that works.

One of the things I'm very interested in is IR Photography. I've spent alot of time reading up on digital IR photography and have seen alot of your G1/G2 samples, so I know it can be done w/ the G2s although the longer exposure times are a bit of a concern.

Anyone know how the G3 compares in it's IR sensitivity?

I might consider a less expensive (e.g. 200-300US) camera as a dedicated IR unit. Any suggestions on cheapies? Since it would be a dedicated unit for IR I would think speed of operation would be less of a factor but who knows - guess it depends on how often your doing IR.

I've seen the DP FWIW article talking about IR performance http://www.cliffshade.com/dpfwiw/ir.htm#testing in various cameras but haven't gotten around to pricing.

The thought of a G1 as a dedicated unit went through my mind but I'm not so keen on that because there appear to be other cameras w/ higher IR sensitivity and I don't think I'd be able to share accessories between a G1 and a G3 since the G1 uses threaded accessory lenses and the G3 uses a bayonet style and you wouldn't need a flash for IR (right?) so that's not a real concern.

What do you think - G3 alone or G3 + something else? I'd definitely give the G3 a shot and see how it worked out for me but I suspect I'd prefer something w/ shorter exposure times.

Thanks for any info.


19th of September 2002 (Thu), 17:18
I don't knpw anything about infrared but I just saw this remark on the lensmate page. Look under infrared filter. It says the G2 is not well suited for infrared.

Maybe someone with hands on experience could help us. I am also interested in finding out more.



19th of September 2002 (Thu), 18:37
Less sensitive, yes... But there are still some pretty remarkable examples using the G2 out there. Search Google for Canon G2 Infrared.

Here are a couple examples from posts at this site...