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29th of April 2008 (Tue), 11:40
I just rec'd this email from the Miss Michigan competition. What a scam! I can send in photos for a FEE! What kind of garbage is this!

The MISS MICHIGAN USA Pageant currently has openings for state wide contestants. This is a GREAT opportunity for you as a photographer to get involved, gain exposure and advertising and to assist in the dreams of young women! The 2009 MISS MICHIGAN USA Pageant is slated for September 18-20, 2008 in the official host city of Port Huron, Michigan to be held at the McMorran Place Theater.

The MISS MICHIGAN USA® Pageant is the official state preliminary to MISS USA®, & MISS UNIVERSE®. The Miss Universe Organization is owned and operated by Miss Universe LLP, LLLP and Donald J. Trump. The MISS USA Pageant is scheduled to broadcast on the networks of NBC in the spring of 2009. The Miss Universe Organization also owns and operates MISS TEEN USA®.

You may recruit a contestant from your area. The process is simple. You may have a young lady in mind that you have photographed or that you would like to photograph that has the potential to be one of this year’s contestants. The candidate must be at least 18 and under 27 by February 1, 2009, a natural born female, a resident of the state of Michigan and a US citizen. She must be single and not a parent. You may download the official application for your candidate on the official website at www.missmichiganusa.com.

We request that the photographer send in the required photo of their candidate or candidates for the official MISS MICHIGAN USA Magazine offering the candidate a sponsored photo shoot. We also request that the photographer purchase the required ad for their candidate. The ad will be placed in the official MISS MICHIGAN USA Magazine and will feature the photographer’s photo of the accepted/approved contestant, photo credits, and your studio information. Each contestant’s ad is designed by the Pageants graphics team. The required ½ page advertisement is $295.

The office will work closely with your selected contestant to assure eligibility, and to receive the additional entry and registration fees and forms from the contestant herself. You contestant would also have a registration fee of $295 to confirm her position and to cover all the production costs of the pageant including the winners travels and requirements to the MISS USA Pageant Telecast. Each contestant also must secure an additional sponsor (or she may be sponsored by her family and friends) of $295 which covers her hotel and appointed meals during her stay in the official host city of Port Huron. You may assist her in her additional sponsor as well, maybe you would like to cover all the fees, or you know of a salon, make-up artist or a business that you would like to see join you to support your candidate(s). Fees are tax-deductible as an advertising expense.

This is the first year we are opening our recruitment process to photographers and are holding 50 contestant positions for photographer’s submissions. This may increase depending on how many photographers we receive submitting a contestant from their area. Each contestant will receive a title based on the area in which she lives and you may request the title you would like your candidate to have. Titles however are provided on a first come first serve basis. If you candidate should become the next MISS MICHIGAN USA you will also be permitted to a usage trademark agreement with MISS MICHIGAN USA and provide a photo shoot for the winner should you choice to.

You may select one candidate or many! You can work with another local business or businesses to support your area candidate(s). This is an extremely excited opportunity for the women that participate. If your candidate should become the next MISS MICHIGAN USA she would compete for the MISS USA title LIVE on NBC with the chance to win a fabulous prize package currently valued at over $250,000.00, and represent the country in the NBC telecast of MISS UNIVERSE. You may also submit a candidate for the MISS MICHIGAN TEEN USA division. The MISS MICHIGAN TEEN USA pageant will coincide with the MISS MICHIGAN USA pageant this September. The age requirements for the TEEN division are 14-18 by February 1, 2009. All other rules apply.

This is a GREAT opportunity to get creative and advertise your business. Select your candidate, send out press information that we can provide you, have a launch party at your studio to kick off her travels to the MISS MICHIGAN USA Pageant. Ideas and promotions are endless. We are excited to hear from you! You truly have the power to change the course of a young lady(s) life.

Please contact me to ask questions or to confirm how many candidates you would like to submit and to hold or confirm any titles you may have in mind. We are currently holding spaces for the first 50 submissions. Visit www.missmichiganusa.com to learn more about the pageant, see photographs of last year’s contestants and the areas that were represented. Also view our current titleholder’s blog to see and read about all the exciting appearances and events she has been involved in since becoming the state winner. She will tell you herself that her experience has been more incredible than she ever dreamed possible! I look forward to hearing from you.

Kim Hayes,
Contestant Coordinator/Manager

29th of April 2008 (Tue), 11:48
I read it as they're having a hard time filling Miss Michigan and Miss Teen Michigan pageant slots so they are hoping Michigan-based portrait photogs will bite. Heck, if I had headshots of a young lady that I thought was Miss Michigan --> Miss USA worthy, I could see spending $295 to have the opportunity (or at least the potential opportunity) to
say "I'm responsible for putting her on the road to fame and fortune..."

The only thing that isn't clear is how much exposure do you, the photographer, get in conjuction with the photo(s) you submit to this initial "catalog."

I agree that it's clear as Lake Erie but I can't go so far as to say scam.