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19th of May 2008 (Mon), 08:04
I have a girl wanting me to be her assistant at weddings, I would love to, I know I dont have the best equpiment. but she has seen some of my work and asked me to shoot with her. This is what I have

Canon 400D (XTi)
Canon 75-300mm F4-6.5
Canon 18-55mm F3.5-5
Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX
Tamron 17-200mm F3.5
Wirless Remote
Sunpak 455 Flash

Thats all I have, if I want to start shotting some pretty good wedding shots, what should be the next few things I buy? I really need some help. Thanks in advance for any hints, tips, or advice.


19th of May 2008 (Mon), 08:13
You seem to like having lenses that cover a large range which is convenient but you sacrifice image quality. I would reccommend just having a 3 lens setup. Keep the sigma 24-70 and get a 17-50mm tamron and 70-200mm 2.8 tamron if you are on a budget. I also think anyone should have the 50mm 1.8 when doing low light receptions. You will love having fixed aperture lenses. The 70-200mm Tamron is fairly new so it might be a little expensive since you will have to buy it new. Otherwise get a 70-200mm f/4 L canon.

Lenses and cameras are just tools to make it easier on you in certain conditions like low light. You dont NEED any certain lens to get good pictures. They just make it easier.

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 08:14
Those are all 'less than desirable' lenses for wedding work, but it sounds like she's digging your work. If she knows what you have and is happy with your shooting, that's all that matters. I assume she'll be doing the PP, correct? You may want to give her a few hi-res files so she can get intimate with your shooting and make sure she's okay with your files for her PP.

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 08:40
I'd keep only the sigma, and maybe your tamron 17-200. The rest I'd sell to get a nice zoom lens like a sigma 70-200 2.8. Wedding work is all about fast lenses and being able to work in available light. You will also need a backup body - but since you're the assistant, that might not matter TOO much, but I'd still get one. As long as you know how to use your sunpak effectively to produce good lighting, I'd say you're fine. Another backup flash wouldn't hurt either.

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 08:44
less is best. I shoot with the 17 to 55 and the 70 to 200. I find the less you have the more creative your photography becomes.

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 12:14
Great post by 'suspectim'! The less you have the more creative you'll become.
I'd try to sell 75-300 and start saving towards a good flash (580) or a second body or some education (conventions, seminars, courses, books, DVDs...)

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 13:24
I agree with that too. Those are my 2 primary lenses as well.

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 14:07
The best lens you have in the Sigma 24-70 and that's the lens that I shoot weddings with. I would highly reccommend getting a fast prime, such as the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and instead of a 17-50mm f2.8 (which would be pointless as your 24-70 covers most of that) a wide zoom in the 10-20mm range would come in handy.
A second body would also be a good purchase - a 20/30/40D would be a good choice.

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 14:24
whenever I shot weddings I used a 10-22 and a 70-200 more than anything else for my creative shots. my 24-70 was used for all the basic shots and was definitely the money earner.

Id sell off everything else bar the 24-70 and pick up either of those lens

19th of May 2008 (Mon), 17:05
Keep the Sigma 24-70 -it will probably do most of your shots

Get a good Canon speedlite flash such as a 430EX/550EX/580EX

Next lens I would get would be a Canon or Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 of some sort (or possibly a Canon 70-200 F4L IS because it's much lighter, however people say they are no good for weddings I dunno)

My wedding photog used a 10-22 which took some really neat shots, however I don't know if it's really a nessesary thing especially if you are a beginner.

newbie builder
19th of May 2008 (Mon), 18:14
For lenses:
+1 to keeping the 24-70 and picking up the canon 70-200 (preferably 2.8, you'll really need that low aperature, but if money is a big issue then f/4).

Eric Redard
19th of May 2008 (Mon), 19:03
I suggest a backup body.... because none of the lenses will work if your only one malfunctions... (knock on wood)


21st of May 2008 (Wed), 07:59
thank you all so much for your hints and advice!