View Full Version : black and white w/ selective color

17th of December 2004 (Fri), 17:56
yeah i was just messing around in photoshop when i got this idea. im sure its not new, but theres a couple for now. ill post later on because picturetrail.com shut down my sites cuz i didnt log in enough. o well. ill just start a new one. <3



17th of December 2004 (Fri), 20:02
Yeah, I'm not so sure about these. You're right, this has been done to death. Unless I'm shooting a wedding or portrait shoot when I know the client wants this, I try to avoid just doing this for the sake of doing it. Personally, these 2 photos don't do anything for me. The idea is really neat and when its done right, to the right image, I think it can be a nice effect. I'm not sure what these 2 images are trying to say though.


17th of December 2004 (Fri), 22:09
I prefer the second one to the first. I like the super-saturated look of the surrounding. It also reminds me of the shots I get get using a Hoya R72 IR filter, before I correct the colours.

18th of December 2004 (Sat), 08:52
I'm not so sure it looks super saturated, its just all pink. ?? If ALL the colors in the image were oversaturated it might be more interesting. I think that with it being all pink, the guy sitting looks like he was just pasted on there. Try this one again, except leave the pink out and try one with over-sat. the background and then one with muted colors in the backg. BTW, which method are you using with these photos?