View Full Version : Mountainboarding.

23rd of December 2004 (Thu), 14:03
Mountainboarding seems to be taking over from skateboarding here in Spain. Here's an action shot of my son, Marcus.


23rd of December 2004 (Thu), 14:26
Nice one! I see you've got the panning down smooth, and managed to duck in time1

26th of December 2004 (Sun), 01:59
Sweet picture! I have the same board. Here's a shot of my son...


26th of December 2004 (Sun), 03:05
yer mountain boarding is such a ace sport, not all that big over here in the UK but i am sure it will grow as it gets more popular, its always put me off that u go so fast and it ud be hard to stop cos i cant really jump of it cos i have a prblem in my knees so it would really hurt

30th of December 2004 (Thu), 15:06
I mountain bike and we went to some jump and there were mountain boarders there, They hit some pretty big stuff but they had to walk so far because they had no brakes

30th of December 2004 (Thu), 22:53
You have to powerslide to stop. Gloves are required as you will be touching the ground a lot. And don't wear nice pants because if you do they won't be nice anymore.

My son and I skate, surf, snowboard, skim, and mountainboard. You definitely get torn up the most mountainboarding because there is no water or snow to fall on, and in skating you just slide out on your kneepads. It's tremendous fun though, especially at a ski slope in the summer when they let you ride the chairlift.

31st of December 2004 (Fri), 08:50
great shot Martin, did you use any fill in flash?

ive not tried that sport yet, I can't be bothered walking back up the hill. Or do they use ski lifts?