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28th of December 2004 (Tue), 22:39
Winter Forest
I was looking at frost patterns on the windows over Christmas & some of them looked a bit like trees. So, "Winter Forest". I shot about a Gig over the weekend. More later,

105mm f-2.5 Nikkor & bellows, about f-8+/-.




29th of December 2004 (Wed), 15:16
Wow! These are incredible. They really do look like trees. Well done :)

29th of December 2004 (Wed), 15:27
that's realy nice effect

what nature can do hey;)

29th of December 2004 (Wed), 19:30
They do look like an ice crystal forest, beautiful shots.

29th of December 2004 (Wed), 19:41
Nice design.

29th of December 2004 (Wed), 21:45
Thanks for the comments guys. Every day they would melt & every morning there would be something a bit different on the "best" window - the one that faced north. That was the upside. The downside was that, after processing about 200 images from RAW (6 hours on Win98), I went out & bought a new computer today. Good thing they're still having the holiday sales! ;-D

30th of December 2004 (Thu), 05:02
Very beautiful patterns, Photosguy ! It's not something I see very often where I live ... :confused:

30th of December 2004 (Thu), 08:09
Simple and effective Frank, very creative, I really like them.


31st of December 2004 (Fri), 20:55
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

31st of December 2004 (Fri), 21:09
just saw these now Frank

they are very beautiful delicate looking and special captures

1st of January 2005 (Sat), 00:57
These are lovely pictures - reminds me of long ago days when as a child I would sometimes see such beautiful patterns on cold winter mornings.

2nd of January 2005 (Sun), 14:33
Thanks again! More coming today.

2nd of January 2005 (Sun), 14:44
More cool wallpaper. :D

2nd of January 2005 (Sun), 14:45
The third picture looks as if it's taken of a feather. Lovely!

2nd of January 2005 (Sun), 14:47
Nice pictures of the frost.
Take care no to get that frost on your lens :) :)

2nd of January 2005 (Sun), 16:03
Wow, very imaginative. I would have never thought of shooting closeup pictures of frosts on the window. That was very creative thinking on your part. :D

3rd of January 2005 (Mon), 08:21
More cool wallpaper. Want one? Tell me what size & I'll send it to you.

PacAce ... That was very creative thinking on your part. I'd have been a lot more creative if, last October, I'd said, "Hmmm, frost is coming - maybe I'd better wash the windows!" ;) I suspect that only the first window should be washed. I think the 2nd window needs a particle for the frost to generate on.

JoseC Take care no to get that frost on your lens HAHA! I was inside, shooting toward outside. ;)

Youngster The third picture looks as if it's taken of a feather. Lovely! If you shoot at a slight angle you can throw the edges out of focus. And the lighting behind the frost changes radically if you shift just a tiny bit right/left.