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Fellipe de Paula
16th of June 2008 (Mon), 01:05
Hello all...
Is there any kind of knowledge base about wedding photography? Do you know any website, books or whatever with photography techniques?


16th of June 2008 (Mon), 08:29
Welcome John. You need to spend a lot of time reading through the stickies.

16th of June 2008 (Mon), 08:43
John, you've been here since January? Well, let me just tell you that you are not going to get any long answers that will solve all the wedding photographer's problems. I can give you pm on some of the better wedding forums, but really, around here, just learn 3 things:

1. If you want to go into the wedding business, just taking pictures is only about 1/3 of the process.
2. Equipment matters, I don't care what anyone says.
3. Patience and learning are key for success. Marketing is the rest.

Tim has a list in the stickies, and if you read it already, I don't know exactly what you are looking for. There are good books out there, I have 3 of them. I have this one:


The pictures are old, and suggestions are old, but gives you a start.

Toogy (Jeff) is my person to go to for group shorts and beautiful portraits. Picturecrazy (Lloyd) is my lighting guy here. Jamie is a prince when it comes to learning. Tim has really done well with his work in New Zealand, Maureen is the queen here and so good with her 85 1.2, you'll cry when you see her work. So, read the threads and enjoy.

Also, tell us what your level of work is so we can answer your question better.

16th of June 2008 (Mon), 12:31
^ +1. Keep reading and learning.

DWF is quite helpful if you're focused on weddings. http://www.digitalweddingforum.com

16th of June 2008 (Mon), 18:45
This kind of question makes me want to bust out my snarky stick. No, there is NO wedding information available ANYWHERE, no books, no web pages, no message board threads.

Google is your friend.

16th of June 2008 (Mon), 21:13
I get this question all the time from nephews and nieces who want me to take them in hand and show them everything I know. I did that one time and I found that there was no true desire there and I wound up losing time and a few wedding books. Here is what I tell anyone expressing an interest in my knowledge.

1. Spend every penny you have at bargin stores, new book stores and anywhere else that will tell you anything about photography.
2. Apprentice (that means no pay) for someone in the business. pick there brain, and pick up their trash if you have to, but learn. Nothing you have to do for a pro will be degrading (except maybe harassment of some sort) in that what you learn from them will always be yours forever.
3. Listen, learn and shutup. You have nothing to offer them, so just absorb.
4. Spend 2 years working at McDonalds learning customer service skill while doing it. If you can deal with that, you can handle a crowd of family members wanting to waste your time.

Becoming a true professional takes a great investment in time, money. and remember that being professional does not mean you are getting paid, it means that you will do the best you can to anticipate what will go wrong, and fixing the problem before it can happen. You are there to serve a need and solve problems, not create them. The biggest investment you make, however, will be investing your efforts in building your reputation.

16th of June 2008 (Mon), 21:19
4. Spend 2 years working at McDonalds learning customer service skill while doing it. If you can deal with that, you can handle a crowd of family members wanting to waste your time.